Our story

Musikka like a great many things started as a thought.
What if the greatest peacemaking power on earth was given to the people, to each individual?
It might seem like an obvious and easy answer, but as with many obvious things, it’s never that easy!
Why? Well, the two things that best inhibit conflict and lay the foundation for peace is culinary and cultural exchange! In short, we are much less likely to go to war with someone we have shared a meal or a dance with.

The power to instigate and build cultural relations has previously been reserved for ambassadors and multinationals who used cultural relations to build financial relations and if they worked out, joint military relations.
This power is today more decentralized than ever.

We at Musikka believes that each individual is a representation of there culture and thus has the power to bridge between cultures.
Music is one of the easiest things for people to share.
Add to the fact that music docent represent national borders and it becomes a global instrument of peace.
That’s why We at Musikka will do what we can to have music played on every street corner, in every city around the world

Why Musikka increase transparency

Transparent = Nothing to hide.
Lack of transparency increases distrust, shady deals, and insecure payments.
The increase of Transparency increases trust, fair trade, and secure payments.
Musikka works to promote transparency by providing;

- Public records of who's active in the industry and one who has done business with who
- By allowing users to review each other's product and services after purchase
- By providing SSL secure payments (As safe as Swedish banks)

Why Musikka acts for fairtrade

Fair trade = Empowers everyone apart of the trade.
Unfair trade is exploitive and does not include the human, natural or financial limitation of a market thereby making it a non-sustainable market practice.
Musikka work to promote fairtrade by;

- Ethical treatment and no locked in contracts
- Terms (no hidden terms, keep all your creative rights)
- Compensation (get paid what you're promised)

Why Musikka contribute to equal representation

Equal representation = Equal possibilities provided to all
Lack of fair representation creates an untrue and unjust picture of the industry which inhibits growth, innovation, and diversity.
Musikka works to promote equal representation by;

- Representing women, non-binary, transgender and other musicians equally to male musicians
- By working with interests groups, organizations and government engaged with women, non-binary, transgender and other musicians that have been marginalized by the industry
- Through joint campaigns together with key stakeholders

Why Musikka increases accountability

Accountability = The ability to hold someone responsible for a promise given.
Lack of accountability decreases the quality and delivery of services and products. Increase in accountability increases the quality and the delivery of services and products.
Musikka works to increase accountability by;

- Keeping payments in escrow until the service/product has been delivered in accordance with expectations
- By providing clear and fair-trade terms of service, licensing options and refund policies
- By connecting public reviews to every bought service and product

The hard-working underpaid


Founder & CEO
Alexander Kalén

From vagabond to a student in international development, from running a magazine in Taiwan to Social Enterprise in the south of Sweden. He sees the world through a special lens that lets him see the spokes and wheels, the machinery that is our world. With a healthy amount of self-irony and humor. We can best describe our CEO as a love child between Deadpool and Gandhi


Ewa Ekblad

She has been apart in the creation of 315 companies, she’s the person you can thank for having Wi-Fi on airplanes as you travel through the sky. She is a rebel and a peacemaker, an innovator and an incredibly strong woman! We can best describe our COO Ewa as a love child between Eleanor Roosevelt and Pipi Longstocking

Skärmavbild 2018-05-21 kl. 16.14.06

Michael Mansour

Is a magician with technology and a true brother in arms. He has built multiple agile and scalable systems for a range of different industries, from international currency markets to multi-vendor marketplaces. With an endless pool of knowledge and with the energy, drive, and loyalty few can surpass, he is a true champion! We can best describe our CTO Michael, as a love child between The Gladiator and Gandalf

Skärmavbild 2018-05-31 kl. 16.21.25

Movement Evangelist
Emma Persson

Has a way of seeing the beauty within almost everything and is able to communicate it clearly to people that don’t. This power allows her to move mountains, turn enemies into friends and speak with animals. We can best describe our compassionate and inspirational Movement Evangelist Emma as the love child between Princess Diana and Ellen Degeneres

Skärmavbild 2018-05-30 kl. 13.47.06

Senior front-end developer
Mina Ghaly

With pinpoint precision in everything he delivers and with the power of foresight our senior front-end developer Mina can see into the future as well as tailor our larger than life vision into more than unicorns and pictures of Woodstock. Together with the analytical skills of a supercomputer he leads our UI and UX to new heights! We can best describe our Senior front-end developer Mina as a love child between Zoro and Watson (The supercomputer)

Skärmavbild 2018-05-30 kl. 13.47.06

Joseph Sharbuim
Junior developer

We are pretty sure he doesn´t need sleep, he’s always on guard. A mastermind that is always one step ahead of his opponent. With an astonishing ability to solve any problem he faces he safeguards the Musikka family and overcomes any obstacles in his way. We can best describe our Junior developer Joseph as a love child between Heimdal and Mac quiver



Jon Hauksson
Founder Storytel - Angel Investor - Technology Evangelist.
IT-orienterad och en hejare på hur man får IT-organisationen att växa i samklang med resten av bolaget.
Jobbar med investeringar och ger tips till startups.


Olle Hydbom
Co-founder and management team member of Telelogic AB (publ), a global software tool provider that later was acquired by IBM in 2008.
Experienced international business developer with over 30 + years experience in amongst others the telecom, logistics, and music industry

We are not one voice we are thousands and we are growing every minute, every hour, every day!

Do you want to increase the transparency, fair-trade, and equality in your local music market?