Create amazing music & Build a dedicated customer base

Sell your digital products & make more money

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Best rates in the industry

Musikka takes 5% on your music sales - Compared to band camp that takes 45% including PayPal transfer, or CD baby that takes 9% or Through CD baby's partners that take 30%.

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Keep all your creative rights

Chose between clear standardised copyrights from Creative Commons

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Expose your music to a dedicated music community

14 000 Community members of all ages and demographics all over the world
and close to 1million views a month.

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Take control with our transparent reporting

Keep track on your statistics and manage your inventory with clear real-time statistics.

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Secure and fast payments

Money from your sales get transferred to your Musikka balance within 1 day.
You can withdraw money from your Musikka account at any time, anywhere around the world through bank transfer or PayPal.

1,2 steps

Fast and simple music upload

Upload as much music as you want in FLAC - WAV and MP3 - fast and simple

Musikka - The fair trade music market

The home of music professionals

Increasing FATE - Fair trade, Accountability, Transparency and Equality in the music Industry.

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