(here you will find answers to some of the most common questions we get. If you don’t find the answer to what you are wondering, you are more than welcome to ask us personally at 

• How do I register at Musikka as an artist?

Welcome! We are so glad you found us, maybe this will help you 
(YouTube: howtoregisterontherealfarirtrademusicmarketplace)

• What is the cost for me to register as an artist?

Musikka is happy to say that it is free, meaning you do not need to open up your wallet to register! We only earn money when you do, so we are in the same “boat” to read more about our commissions check out our pricing plan.

• What is the cost for me to sell, for example, a T-shirt on Musikkas Fairtrade marketplace? 

It’s like this, Musikka only takes 8% commission on Merchandise deals made via Musikka. 
And we don’t have anything else written in small invisible text trying to trick you in any way 🙂

 Musikkas commission on Tickets is 5%, and 8% for Downloads, Merchandise/CD/Vinyl and Second-hand gear for services 14%. It’s the lowest commissions on the market :)

• You call this a Fairtrade music marketplace, what do you mean by that? 

Thanks for asking that 
Please look here

• How do I buy downloadable music?

Yeah, we like music too. (glad you got to this step!) 
Do like this (Youtube:howtologinasalistneratMusikkathefairtrademusicmarketplace)

• How can you help me promote my new CD?

Congrats on the new CD! 
Start with this, three easy and short steps:

1) Create a Musikka account by registering (if you don´t already of course) when that is done you will come to Your Dashboard

2) At Your Dashboard, you add new products or service

3) Continue to [Edit Product] and [Save the product].
At the top, you will see Success! and here you can view the product.

If you want to help yourself further here are 3 more things you can do!

1. We are stronger together, so help yourself by Inviting friends and inspire them to invite more friends. The more you are in your region the more we can promote you. 

2. Don’t miss out on the fun projects, competitions and challenges we do together with our friends. They are great for getting some free promotion! Become our friend on your desired social channel. 

3. Spread the Fairtrade music marketplace by whispering it to your friends and family or by sharing this link! 🙂 
(Sorry my answer got a bit long)

• I would like to buy a hoodie from Musikka, are your payments secure?

The hoodies are so nice and comfy of course it´s safe, at least the same security as Swedish banks!

• I have a friend who makes great music, (in her cellar) how can I help her?

Let her out of the cellar and then make her register at Musikka (here is a video that shows how to do it (YouTube: howtoregisterontherealfarirtrademusicmarketplace)

• Is Musikka only for local undiscovered musicians? 

One of the ideas for Musikka is to “Grow your local music and get access to the international one as well” So the answer is that we welcome either local or global, discovered or undiscovered – everyone is welcome!

• Now, can we ask YOU a question?

Do you think Fairtrade is a good thing?

Do you think being transparent in business is the way it should be?

Do you think that there should be equal possibilities for all musicians?

Yes 🙂 Do something! Register. Upload or Download. Sell or Buy. Share. Invite.
No 🙁 Let us know when you change your mind

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