Musikka's Project:

No, on Musikka we are not sitting on our hands and waiting for something to happen, that someone else will do what we think is important.
We are co-creating and implementing projects and collaborations that are important to us.
And important to us is:
• Fairtrade, to believe and act on an ethical and moral way
• Transparent working is as simple as nothing to hide
• Giving equal possibility’s to all
• And acting accountable, you know act the way you talk and keep your word, for real

So far 🙂 Musikkas has been involved in:

VÅGA - The organization against sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment world. Together with the organization VÅGA, Musikka has worked to make the nightlife a place for everyone, where everyone is respected and can have fun. Whether you are a visitor, artist or organizer.


We at Musikka and ”Musicians against Racism” see musicians and artists as a natural part of society, and therefore it also seems natural to be like Kurt Cobain to put the foot down against racism, sexism, homophobia and all sorts of bigotry.
More than 400 artists took a stand in the previous round of ”Musicians against Racism” #motrasism campaign, artists such as Joakim Thåström, Jason Timbuktu, Miss Li, Eva Dahlgren, Malena Ernman, Tomas Ledin, Nina Persson, This is Head, Shout Out Louds and many, many more.
(Musicians against Racism as well as Musikka are partisan untied and all work is conducted on a non-profit basis.)

Why we@musikka does this?

To decrease conflict and increase peace by connecting people, cultures and tribes through shared music experience.

Please, let us know if you also have ideas and are willing to work, work hard, for this to come true.
Maybe we can do it together. Contact us at

🙂 The more the better