• M4CH1N3: A Book of Rhymes (Hand Written Lyric Book)

    Sold By: M4CH1N3

    This is a hand written, complete collection of my song lyrics created just for you! Each notebook will be filled cover to cover with my own ink personalized for each individual buyer. Since I write new lyrics every day, every purchase will be the only copy of the work that will ever exist! & it’ll be yours to keep! As with my other physical products, you can consider this a great purchase for yourself if you enjoy my work, you can be happy to know that you are supporting me & it could possibly be a great investment for your own future. If I am capable of establishing myself as a recognized artist, owning a product like this may be worth a great deal more later. I will only work on one notebook at a time. Each lyric book will be signed off with an edition mark to notify its originality. After each sale of this service, the price will double for the next buyer. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 2 weeks or so for me to hand write a full book of lyrics. As soon as your product is finished, I’ll mail it right to your door!

    $ 1,000.00