• Big Viruzs

    Am a northern Ugandan upcoming dance hall artist

    $ 200,000.00

    Big Viruzs

    $ 200,000.00
  • Oculosoul

    Oculosoul is instrumental/electronic psychedelic music band.
    We describe it in our visionary experience, as a state of mind, consciousness, awareness and perception of reality through imagination of unknown.

    Surrounded by monotomy, a quest for serenity and harmony in ones self through repetition. Something has deeply changed in us during this experience. We work as one, manifesting peace and acceptance through one another on to one another. A collective intelligence healing itself.
    Oculosoul started in 2015 as solo music by Arturs Afanasjevs
    in 2016 it developed to live band expierience

    Albums & live recordings:

    – Unsleeping (2017)
    – Guided by Visions: Part 3 (2017)
    – Guided by Visions: Part 2 (2017)
    – Guided by Visions: Part 1 (2017)
    – Apziņas sildītājs Live (2016)

    (past solo feeling)
    – Electric Vision (2016)
    – Into Phase : Part 1,2 & 3 (2015 – 2016)

    Live performances:

    27.05.2017 Guided by Visions // Materia 2017 Rīga, Latvia
    28.04.2017 Valpurģi 2017 – Riga,Latvia
    10.03.2017 Matēria // “Plūsma” Live – Riga,Latvia
    07.01.2017 Teātra Bārs // Live – Riga,Latvia
    18.12.16 Cafe Leningrad // Live – Riga,Latvia
    19.11.16 Mākslas telpa Mala // Live – Riga,Latvia
    27.10.16 Kaņepes Kultūras cents // Live – Riga,Latvia
    09.07.16 Festivāls komēta // Live – Riga,Latvia
    26.04.16 Tims Mints – Riga,Latvia
    12.03.16 Music factory “A Nice Place” – Riga,Latvia
    25.02.16 Krogs Taka “Plūsma // Art & Music Fusion – Riga,Latvia
    29.01.16 Matēria “Plūsma // Art & Music Fusion – Riga,Latvia

    $ 7,000.00


    $ 7,000.00
  • Kvinnliga Situationen


    Kvinnliga Situationen is a hiphop crew with a lot of heart that give you their all on and off the stage. They held their first performance in Stockholm in February 2015. Since then, they have toured the country, from Malmö in the South to Kiruna in the North. They have also performed in Denmark and Finland.

    Kvinnliga Situationen have been the warm-up for Syster Sol, Partiet, Labyrint and Ken Ring. They have performed with Musiker Mot Rasism in the project Live för Mångfald (Live for Diversity). In the summer of 2016 they were involved in the project “Life of Borders”; a Malmö City project which involved making music with young refugees. In April 2017 Kvinnliga Situationen won prize for best music at Pixel Skånes Filmfestival.

    During the fall of 2017 the crew spent a lot of time in the studio, and in October they released their first official single ”Illusionen”:

    Since then Kvinnliga Situationen has released more music in different constellations and more is on the way! They are a versatile crew based in Malmö, but their roots stretch from Sweden to Finland to India to Tanzania.

    $ 6,000.00
  • [sc_embed_player fileurl=https://youtu.be/ZKfvlb8r3os]


    Sold By: djfuza


    $ 5,000.00$ 20,000.00
    Sold By: djfuza


    $ 5,000.00$ 20,000.00
  • Jah Wariyah

    Sold By: Jah Wariyah

    Jah wariyah very talented artistic Jamaican reggae artist, with his realistic messages and a unique vocal. Is currently making an impact in the industry.

    $ 5,000.00
    Sold By: Jah Wariyah

    Jah Wariyah

    $ 5,000.00
  • Brother T

    I love music so much from early ages when I was still young I learned keyboard from my brother Dj Douza. Hence I am a pianist up to date. I worked with big artist in Limpopo, the likes of Johnny Boy, Mkayman(vonyoko), The late Dj arronie, Nomza the president from King Monada music,Dj CheckFace, Sambo, Sputha, Bobimotion, Queen PoshyGal from Sunco Vision music. I worked mostly with JohnyBoy a.k.a Dj Mayo from around 2009 from him I learned the composing, mixing and mastering of a song hence I am a producer at current and I produced many upcoming artists in different genres. As Brother T, i play Bolobedu House music style. I performed many places and met with other well known different artists personally.

    $ 5,000.00

    Brother T

    $ 5,000.00
  • TeAmo Band

    Sold By: billiongmailcom

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    $ 5,000.00
    Sold By: billiongmailcom

    TeAmo Band

    $ 5,000.00
  • Cicada Collective

    Cicada Collective is a instrumental jazz/funk group with focus on groove and improvisation. With many years of combined experience on stage Cicada Collective delivers a solid and exiting show with ever evolving and colorful tracks.
    In order to make every show even more unique guest-soloist are invited as often as possible.
    Besides writing and performing their own original music the band is also contributing to their hometowns cultural life. Such as starting up a independent JazzPub, hosting workshops and acting as the all-around houseband for up-and-coming hiphop-artists.
    NOW! We want to meet you and share some music!

    $ 5,000.00
  • Ben Bix

    Electronic musician/DJ from Dublin Ireland

    $ 4,000.00

    Ben Bix

    $ 4,000.00
  • Original Music Creation – Platinum

    Sold By: Lydthomas

    Get original tailor made music for your commercial.
    Working closely together with trusted composers, I help brands and producers create the right music for the right price within deadline.

    I have created original music for brands like Kia, Unicef, Lidl, Continental and Ikea including many others from huge to small. I believe in a structured process for the benefit of Brand, producer and composer – making the best conditions to achieve a great final result.

    $ 3,800.00
  • Brand Music Profile

    Sold By: Lydthomas

    Get help finding and creating a musical framework for your brand.
    Overview of existing music profile
    Music Touchpoints Overview
    Music Differentiation Profile (with examples of three competitors’ use of music) A musical take on your company’s Key Descriptors
    Framework describing the sound of your brand – including music examples.

    $ 3,500.00
    Sold By: Lydthomas

    Brand Music Profile

    $ 3,500.00
  • Elin Beckman

    DJ & club producer

    $ 3,500.00

    Elin Beckman

    $ 3,500.00