• Bad Place For Bunnies

    “Thematic, highly creative, fluffy and dark, cartoony, mixed soundscapes of pop arrangements playing over psychedelic dark bass over to tweaky blipblops to orchestral sounds and cartoon and video game samples” …

    that’s the duo of Christian Delin & Marcus Constein aka Bad Place For Bunnies from Malmö, Sweden for you. /Trance Dance Experience

    Bad Place For Bunnies is the collaborative effort between Marcus Constein (Far out here) and Christian Delin (Delin) with some help from friends doing graphics and video,

    Our creative vision and aim is the blending of pop music shenanigans & cartoony funny lighthearted humor with psychedelic trance and hard hitting kick/base.

    Our style unique, our execution flawless. you won’t find another band like us around 🙂

    We have just released our first album 🙂


    $ 1,500.00
  • The True Voice Of Soul

    I’ve been a lead vocalist for over 20yrs, mostly gospel. I now have a Southern Soul/Blues Single in rotation on at least 30 to 60 as of 1-172018 bds/media base stations. YouTube search Chicken and Hot Sauce song by Latrel

    $ 1,500.00
  • H.A.A.r.P

    MAdd AnarKist and Logos

    $ 1,500.00


    $ 1,500.00
  • Saint B

    Sold By: Keithtgmailcom

    Lyrical Hip-Hop Artist- Music for the mind, or music for turnup. Creative Artist and Performance is full of energy and will appeal to any crowd.

    $ 1,678.00
    Sold By: Keithtgmailcom

    Saint B

    $ 1,678.00
  • PR Services – Platinum

    Sold By: Urban Dubz

    included in the service package:
    – Press Release write up
    – Music Blog / Music News Site Distribution (Up to 7000 publications)
    – Features / Interviews
    – FULL Radio National Plugging (FM & Digital)
    – DJ Club Promotion
    – Daily #TAG Tweets to 50K Network
    – Youtube PPC Management (Real targeted views) 5000+
    – Music TV Channel Submission
    – 6 week campaign
    – Real-time Report Monitoring
    – Dedicated press officer

    $ 1,975.00
    Sold By: Urban Dubz

    PR Services – Platinum

    $ 1,975.00
  • Trap Viking

    Sold By: TrapViking

    After years of putting up different shows as a booker and dj, Stockholms own Trap Viking™ is all about trap and dance music, He sometimes refer to his music of choice as “Hip Hop on Steroids”. Loving the fusion of different genres he has the ability to make anyone dance all night. Playing among others Trap, House, Festival and will take you on a journey thru sounds.

    $ 2,000.00
    Sold By: TrapViking

    Trap Viking

    $ 2,000.00
  • Barunsound

    I am an Independent music producer since 2013, I have been playing keyboar and guitar for 15 years,

    $ 2,000.00


    $ 2,000.00
  • Mary Jane

    DJ | Producer | Radio Host

    $ 2,000.00

    Mary Jane

    $ 2,000.00
  • Dj Anuj

    19 year old freelancer dj.working since last 3 year’s in djing industry. Performed in different city like Hyderabad, Mumbai,Chandrapur,amravati and Bilaspur.ex residential dj of club essence Nagpur and skygarden Nagpur.

    $ 2,000.00

    Dj Anuj

    $ 2,000.00
  • Ultra

    Gospel Hip-hop, Afro jazz, Rnb, dancehall artist from Malawi

    $ 2,000.00


    $ 2,000.00
  • Home Town

    A girl of many talents, mixing a variety of music from Deep, Electro & Bass House, touched with a fusion
    of hypnotic grooves, funky rhythms & euphoric harmony… A Composer of deep, infectious dance grooves
    and a feel-good atmosphere. Her emotive musical selection is her very own therapy…
    MissyPleX, A South African Female DJ, Pianist, producer, vocalist, promoter and deep electronic music enthusiast..
    Born and raised in the north of Johannesburg, at the age of 6 her journey began, intriguingly fascinated in music,
    and as young as she was, she began learning music theory and practical piano , from which, has currently
    achieved a Grade 5 ABRSM Diploma for Piano in Music Performance.
    At the age of 18 she started performing as a DJ, not long after made her debut performance in 2016, which has
    led to her reputation, being known as one of the new female DJ’s amongst society in Jozi South Africa.
    The talented MissyPleX has played alongside a number of well known & established DJs such as:
    Kris Davis, Ryan Murgatroyd, Julian Gomes, Vinny Da Vinci, Pimp Squad and Culoe de Song to name a few.
    MissyPleX is an Artist, and loves experimenting with different genres, she likes to mix a combination of infused
    Tech House, Techno, Melodic Deep House and occasionally Bass House. She was noticed for her unique style
    of mixing music and genres, which has been the enabler in the numerous opportunities she has received to
    feature at various events and clubs within South Africa.

    She is also known for her eccentric energy when performing, she incorporates her vibrant enthusiasm,
    groovy taste in genres and overall her passion into her act. Its her main priority to ensure a positive reaction
    from her audience, as that is where the source of most of her inspiration comes from.
    She harnesses her emotion and energy through her music, and then plays it adaptively to the audience hoping
    they experience the euphoric feeling that music made her feel to begin with, when she sees her listeners
    experiencing that essence, and the beauty in music – that holds so much feeling.. It motivates her, to want to
    reach more of society and unite them through the loving power..

    $ 2,000.00

    Home Town

    $ 2,000.00
  • Crazy Double

    Sold By: Crazy Double

    1. The budget for the Artists is from 2000 EUROS FIXED PRICE (BUT IF YOU BOOK THEM TWICE IN WEEK OR 4 TIMES IN MONTH 1800 EURO 200 DISCOUNT)
    2. Accommodation and transport should be taken care of BY Organiser.
    3. The duo can perform live music and Dj sets between 1hours to 1.20mins
    4. Soundcheck is needed before the performance to avoid any technical problem.
    5. For performance, the band requires a stand for microphones, table for the looper and DJ console if needed to play DJ sets.
    6. The duo is available to perform in clubs, festival, concert halls and parties

    If you have any questions or are interested in Booking Crazy Double feel free to send us a message

    $ 2,000.00
    Sold By: Crazy Double

    Crazy Double

    $ 2,000.00