• Mixing & Mastering for Hip Hop/Rap Songs

    You need mixing and mastering to give your tracks that extra bit of professional polish, and I’m a music artist who’s practiced engineering, mixing, and mastering music for several years now!

    Now, I’m offering all-inclusive pricing to mix and master your rap and hip hop tracks:

    For $45, I’ll mix and then master your song. This can either be a song in which you simply send your vocals and a beat in wav or mp3 format, or you can send your vocals along with the individual trackouts of your beat.

    Of course, seeing – or in this case hearing – is believing, so here are a few examples of recent work I’ve mixed:

    Barebones rap/hip hop: https://soundcloud.com/petravita/1-funk-to-mission-control?in=petravita/sets/june-flower

    Funk/pop blended hip hop: https://soundcloud.com/petravita/2-high-five?in=petravita/sets/june-flower

    Lo-fi/chill: https://soundcloud.com/petravita/5-cheesin?in=petravita/sets/june-flower

    Lo-fi/chill 2: https://soundcloud.com/ericparkermakesmusic/prod-by-biosphere

    Alternative/dark: https://soundcloud.com/user-875694817/french-kiss-emmanuel-dalmas-petravita

    Modern/trap-inspired: https://soundcloud.com/petravita/stockholm-syndrome-petravita-prod-goldbloch-daily-demo-173365

    Modern/trap-inspired 2: https://soundcloud.com/petravita/felxtravita-lessons-vol-1-flextravita-demoaday-129365

    $ 20.00$ 45.00
  • Custom Trap Beat

    Sold By: Sequan Smith

    I have a studio built into my home and I am very flexible and adjust the song to exactly how you want it to sound or I will personally improve the overall sound. Quick Response. I literally live in the studio when I am not on the field.

    I also produce New age Trap beats that will put you on the map quick. In style of
    Playboi Carti
    Famous Dex
    21 Savage
    Lil Uzi Vert
    Lil Pump
    Duwap Kaine
    Digital Nas
    Do not use typical sounding beats.

    $ 20.00$ 40.00
    Sold By: Sequan Smith

    Custom Trap Beat

    $ 20.00$ 40.00
  • Oud the oriental luth [Session Recordings]

    Sold By: Lion3L

    I will record a single original oud performance or oud loops with SFX or just natural sounding.
    Actual rate includes: recording length up to 30 seconds with 2 revision per track

    Work-for-Hire terms and conditions.

    Please contact before placing any order.

    $ 20.00
  • Mixing and Mastering Services

    Sold By: yungdepression

    Have your songs or beats mixed and mastered professionally.

    Songs must be sent “Dry” (No Effects) in stems (trackouts) as .WAV files
    Send files in a compressed ZIP folder via myairbridge.com and make sure everything is properly named and labeled.
    Turn around rate is 3-5 days after all audio files are received, paid for and confirmed with no problems by me (I do all beat mix/master orders in 1-3 days depending on how much other work I have to get done)
    I send back a solid mixed MP3 and WAV file
    No Revisions

    $ 20.00
  • Master Your Song

    I will master your song to broadcast quality

    $ 30.00