• Jannatein (ChillMix)

    Sold By: Yor yugh verma

    Song – Doon Tujhe Saari Jannatein

    Artist – Yor Yugh Verma

    Music & Lyrics – Yor Yugh Verma

    Sold By: Yor yugh verma

    Jannatein (ChillMix)

  • The Boy with the Black Hole Heart (Full Movie MP4)

    Sold By: M4CH1N3

    My first feature length film that I wrote, directed, played the lead role, edited and made the original soundtrack for. It’s about a boy taking care of his dying mother while he tries to figure out why anything exists. Not the best movie and it’s damn near impossible for me to watch as my mother plays a lead role (as she wanted to before she passed away in real life). I had originally made the film to help pay for hospital bills but none of that worked out. If you’d like to give it a watch it’s a rather deep, confusing and heavy movie. I put a ridiculous amount of work into it though with what I had at the time along with the hard work from a few great friends of mine so if you’re into independent films like this, please feel free to check it out and share. I appreciate all the help and support and keep working for the fans I do have. If you make the purchase I’ll have an MP4 file emailed directly to you & I truly hope you enjoy the experience.

  • Street Shaman (The Full Movie MP4)

    Sold By: M4CH1N3

    Wanna watch a shitty rap movie? Yup, I made a movie out of random videos to all the songs from my first mixtape back in 2015. Get it sent to your email today if you’re interested in seeing some of my early work. Follow my new work on IG @jacobmachine3 or just look me up on Spotify or Youtube under M4CH1N3.


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