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Mørknatt is a Black Metal band formed in Tarragona in 2014 by Kongen av Slanger in the lead guitar, along with Kunstdood in the drums.
After, Hedensk joined in the rhythm guitar.
Three months later, Hedensk switched to bass.
In Jan 2015 they joined Cerberus on rhythm guitar, and Fenrir on voice.
Months later Hedensk and Cerberus where expelled from the band.
In March 2016, we released the first EP named “Whichcraft of Domination” that comes to be the preview of the first album “Victorious Satan”
Time later, Nergous joined on the Rhythm Guitar and Haliax on the Bass.
In November, Nergous and Kunstdood splited away from the formation.
Haliax left the band.
On March 15, 2017, we released the teaser “I Have Sinned” featuring the album “Victorious Satan”.

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