We've all possibly read about fair trade policies, but what do they actually mean?

From creators to customers and everything in between - we believe and act on ethical and moral practices to ensure that all parties involved including lyricist, composer, artists, men, women, transgender, nonbinary and others are compensated for the use and making of their work!

Which is why we are currently adopting and achieving 4 of the 4 UNESCO goals - protecting and promoting cultural and individual diversity

Int. cultural diversity day-2

" I am absolutely behind equal rights but I am also bridging the gap between cultural mentality and society's mindset as there are huge amounts of gaps that need to be addressed and progress needs to be made"
- Hozier, Musician

" We embrace diversity because by doing so our understanding of our world and our emotional and intellectual horizons are expanded, making us better advocates for our clients and better members of the communities in which we work and live"
- Michael Tanenbaum, Musician

Int. cultural diversity day-3
Int. cultural diversity day-7

" The two things that connect us all and inhibits conflict before it starts and lays the foundation for peace are food and music, I feel like we need to rediscover and reignite that connection"
- Alexander E. Kalén, Founder of Musikka

So what can you do?

Int. cultural diversity day-4

1. Join our Musikka family
"We know it looks like a picture, but it's a button we swear!

2. Help out your friends, invite them to and make the Musikka family grow bigger 🙂

3. Partake in the challenges, competitions and fun projects we do together with our friends through social media

4. Share the movement by whispering it to your friends and family or by sharing this link