Create amazing service offerings & Build a dedicated customer base

Sell your Services & Make more money

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Best rates in the industry

Musikka takes 15% on the sales of your services. Compared to Upwork and Fiver's 20%

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Expose your services to a dedicated music community

14 000 Community members of all ages and demographics all over the world
and close to 1m views a month.

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Create multiple services with unique flexibility

Create unlimited amounts of service offerings and tailor them with text, videos, and pictures.

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Take control with our transparent reporting

Keep track on your statistics and manage your work with clear real-time statistics.

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Secure and fast payments

Money from your sales get transferred to your Musikka balance within 1 day.
You can withdraw money from your Musikka account at any time, anywhere around the world through bank transfer or PayPal.

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Get dedicated customers with our customer relations tools

Send updates to your customer's emails with new service offerings and much more.

Musikka - The fair trade music market

The home of music professionals

Increasing FATE - Fair trade, Accountability, Transparency and Equality in the music Industry.

How to earn revenue

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Free sign up

No upfront or monthly fees

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Upload your service offerings

No upfront or monthly fees

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Promote it

Share it on social media, tell your friends and family, shout it out from the rooftops

+ Sell 10 services and qualify for our promotion program

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Make money

Get your earnings on your Musikka balance within 1 day.

Withdraw it to any bank anywhere in the world

Become our friend to partake in our latest competitions and promotion opportunities

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