ArtLink Festival Piano Night

ArtLink Festival Piano Night

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  • ArtLink Festival Piano Night

    The ArtLink Festival Piano Night is the closing concert of ArtLink Young Talents’ Festival 2019, and the part of the program of the World Piano Conference organized in cooperation with Musical Youth Novi Sad.

    The Festival seeks to establish the young talents as recognised artists, building their confidence, professional curriculum, national and international recognition, contacts with other artists, talent seekers and partner festivals, in that way contributing to the attainment of future meaningful employment of the young artists. Through dedication of the Festival management and of the mentoring artists, the high artistic standards and quality are instilled in the young artists and their performances – all leading to the audience being exposed to high quality standards and developing to a level of discerning classical music enthusiasts.

    By doing all of the above, for a sustained period of time, with clear enthusiasm and benevolence, the Festival is building up an engaged and sustained network of audience, artists, and supporters.

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