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A safe space, booking platform and networking tool for women,
non-binary and transgender artists and professionals
in the music industry.

Picture credit – The Fleurs / Synth Babe Records
Created by Akaysha Davey (Ok Sure)

THE BANSHEE CLUB features emerging women, non-binary and transgender musicians and performers and is a central point of bubbling talent. At Musikka, we're striving for greater gender equality in the music industry through providing access to tools to create stronger visibility of emerging talent.

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Show your stuff, get booked. Create your own profile FOR FREE and connect with creative opportunities. If you’re an artist, DJ, producer or visual artist, we want you to use this tool to open doors. An 8% transaction fee is taken whenever a purchase for service is made.

We are Swedish based – but hope to expand globally. If you’re not based in Sweden, you should sign up anyway! As this community grows, we will see where the interest and sign-ups happen – and come to you!

Additional Services

Need help with marketing or PR? Looking for a label to work with? Musikka can pair you with the right team through our networking and matching services. You can also join THE BANSHEE SOCIAL CLUB a private forum connecting you with like-minded musicians and creatives from all over the world. Strength in numbers!

So….why ‘Banshee’? From the likes of Kate Bush, who has often been referred to as a ‘wailing banshee’, Siouxsie and the Banshees, a post-punk British band full of daring rhythmic and sonic experimentation and in Irish and Scottish mythology, the banshee is a “fairy woman” whose mournful wail heralds an imminent death! Brutal. But we felt kind of fitting!

THE BANSHEE SOCIAL CLUB is the private forum for us to vent, connect and make stuff happen. If you're a member, you can access it! Artwork - Isadora Israel.

What our artists are saying...



“I feel that there’s a lot of talk in the world about gender equality and we’ve seen great efforts in Sweden that’s had great success creating a trail of the businesses big players adapting to the new wave of artists with feminist values. It’s nice to see that Musikka not only gives a great sense of security when it comes to ones individuality as an artist but also cares about its female and gender-non conforming members with this initiative.”



Cora Onori

“When I’m creative I never think of my gender, nor have I ever did that when expressing myself creatively. But getting into the industry it has made me very aware of it, and it’s easy to doubt yourself when you are not sure if your talent really matters. From my view Musikka has always held a good example in gender equality, I have never felt that they approached me or my work in a gender-based way, and they do a great work in showcasing you as the individual you are. I think it’s superb that Musikka takes a stand and makes an effort to change the atmosphere of the industry, to make it safer and more approachable for women and the norm-breaking queer-community.”