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Make it easy, Personalise your tickets, Connect with your fans and Grow your following,

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For your listeners to find your tickets, by buying them directly from your profile

Personalise your tickets, phone

With pictures and videos

Connect with your listeners, phone

Share updates with your listeners about tour dates, new albums and more. Manage your contacts and let your listeners follow your page

grow your following, phone

Expose your tickets to thousands of musicians and music listeners through Musikkas ticket marketplace

Musikka's ecosystem

We know we look like pictures,
but we are buttons, we swear!

Sell your music

With your own tickets, you have good control over one of the most important sources of income in a growing live music industry

Sell your merchandise CD's, vinyl, and second-hand gear

Build a beautiful webshop and start selling your merchandise straight away

The Fair-trade Music Marketplace

Musikka acts for transparency, fair trade and equality in the music market

Why artists chose Musikka


Costa Leon

Musikka has gotten me booked for some really awesome gigs in Malmö. Good people to work with who do their job right. We have also been worked together on marketing, which meant that we found some really good PR ideas that we subsequently performed. A lovely team of good people who are very driving and creative, hence everything can happen!


Chris P

By meeting the team behind Musikka, besides finding a caring friend, we have also received a lot of other things that has helped us in our creation and development as a record company and as artists. Alexander and Musikka have connected us with elements we would never have gotten in touch with on our own. They have helped us with PR and marketing, generated gigs and on several occasions put us in contact with new venues and organisers. Salut to the Team Behind Musikka


Madd Anarkist

I have quite a long history with Musikka where we have made some great collaborations on events, also getting advise and strategy on marketing and promotion as well as ticket sales. Putting it quite simply the musikka team are incredibly helpful and skilled, i look forward to continuing working with them for a long time and making new adventures / MAdd AnarKist

Some words of "wisdom" from our Hippie CEO


Musikka is created to preserve the creative force in the cultural sphere that exists within the music industry.
Built by people in the industry for the people in the industry means that we understand the needs and can address them. Regardless of if you are new or with years of experience, Musikka helps you grow your network and business

Alexander E. Kalén – Managing director at Musikka / Event producer and manager /Club manager at Sizmo, The real get down and Studio 11